Tim Timmons was awarded the alumnus of the year at our 2023 Alumni Banquet. Tim joined our board in May of 2014. In 2016 he served as vice president and in 2017 became the president of our alumni board. Tim has been a devoted board member and has been a key player in helping our board when we have had to face some tough decisions in the past few years. Tim serves on our newsletter committee as well as our by-laws- committee. Tim has been honored nationally by the Associated Press and was featured on the cover of Press Time Magazine as part of their 20 under 40 selection. Tim currently servs a publisher of the Noblesville Times newspaper. Tim is a 1975 graduate of Noblesville High School and has been married to his wife Linda for 40 years. He has 2 daughters and 8 grandchildren. Thank you, Tim, for being such a devoted member of our board.