Welcome to the Noblesville High School Alumni Website!

Whether it’s been 50 years or 50 weeks since you roamed the hallowed halls of good ol’ NHS, we’re happy you’re here. Being a Miller doesn’t go away when you take off the cap and gown. You gave four years to NHS and it gave you a lifetime of memories and friends. This website is a great way to not only relive some of that, but to stay connected with events, people and programs. Specifically, as you click through to various sections of the site you’ll find information and events for the Noblesville High School Alumni members.

Remember the canteens, sock hops, pep rallies, study halls and the Mill Stream? Remember Homecoming mums and senior chords and senior skip day? Those things and more connect all Millers in one way or another. Welcome back to NHS! We hope you enjoy the site and please let us know what you think by reaching out on Facebook!