In memory of: James Gascho 1946 from Bruce Gascho
In memory of: Butch Vernon and Steve Clark 1966 from Linda Wright Welty 1966
In memory of: Jennifer Redick King 1990 from Dan and Teri Redick
In Memory of: Candy Vernon Williams from Carol Biedenmeister Suggs 1967
In Memory of: Doris Clark Benson from Jennifer Clark Adams 1967
In Memory of: Lindsey Foland and Ron Revis from Cathy Sparlin Whiteley 1968
In Memory of: members of the class of 1953 from Shirley Hodson Ward 1953
In Memory of: Donald Breese 1953 from Marilyn Kemp Lees and Max Lees 1953
In Memory of: Betty Pritchard from Dan Pritchard 1967